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The Role Initiative

Matching Players to Game Masters 

Tabletop Roleplaying Games are difficult to organize, let Hexagon Alley help! We’ve created two surveys, one for prospective players and one for prospective game masters. Fill one or both out below to be added to our list of players and game masters. From there we’ll do our part to help connect players to game masters for single sessions or full campaigns based on your interest and availability!

A Safe and Inclusive Environment

Roleplaying can be one of the most enlightening opportunites for an individual. Experiencing the world through someone else's perspective is a great way to learn empathy and courage in our real world lives. At Hexagon Alley we believe this foundational concept supports our community values and enables the sharing of ideas and concepts in a safe and inclusive manner.
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Explore New Worlds!

Whether you're a completely new player or an experienced veteran there's always room for you at the table. By filling out this form you'll give us a little information about yourself and your experience. From there we can match up players with similar interests and schedules with a Game Master willing to run a session or campaign of your favorite TTRPG system!

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Be A Tabletop RPG Player

Be A Game Master

The few, the proud! Are you one of those rare specimens that loves running tabletop roleplaying games? Perhaps you’ve played as a character and are ready to take the leap into running the show? Sign up below to join a select group of people on call to run games for patrons looking to play!

Game Master Survey
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