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About Hexagon Alley

At Hexagon Alley we love tabletop gaming and want to spread that love through our community here in Columbia. Whether you are looking for a family event, date night, morning study session, or to make new friends, Hexagon Alley is your home away from home providing a robust selection of games, events, food, drinks and more. Our mission is to create a welcoming all inclusive environment where our dedicated staff provide everything you need for a community gaming experience.

Our Mission is Grounded in Community

Our mission is grounded in a sense of community. Hexagon Alley is an inclusive environment that is a welcoming place for all people of all ages. We believe that board games create an opportunity in a digital age to help forget about our troubles and differences and connect with those around you at the table. Whether it be through competitive or cooperative play, games help enable creativity, ingenuity, and a genuine joy of experience. We hope that by creating an opportunity for people to build these skills together, we might be able aid our community with a sense of betterment.

Hexagon Alley team members
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meet our team

Colleen Rieman

Prior to founding Hexagon Alley, Colleen has worked in higher education, non profits, and municipal government. Originally from Michigan, she moved to Florida for her undergraduate degree, and eventually Missouri for her Masters. Colleen has always loved bartending, and credits her first job working as a bartender at Meehan’s Irish Pub in St. Augustine, Florida for giving her such a passion and love of making drinks.

Some of Colleen’s favorite games include CULTivate, Dune Imperium, Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition, and Wingspan.

Kyle Rieman

Operating as the owner, Kyle also adds the bonus of being drawn to the technical systems of boardgames and viewing the rules systems as a microcosm of challenges which put his brain into a strategic exercise. He has a selfless approach to teaching games, and is always bringing in new members to his weekly group which consists of playing board games from his 200+ game library. Kyle will be able to own and operate not just the staff, budget, but also teach games to new and returning gamers in the most enticing way.

Some of Kyle’s favorite games include El Grande, The Resistance: Avalon, Eclipse, Terraforming Mars, Abalone.

Prior to founding Hexagon Alley, Kyle has spent his entire career working in budgeting policy and building a real estate portfolio. Graduating from Missouri State with degrees in Economics and Sociology, Kyle has rooted interest and skills in financial management, problem solving, and creative solutions. Whether serving as Director of Joint Committee of Legislative Research for the State of Missouri, or Budget Director for the City of Columbia, Kyle is a numbers guy.

Nathen Reynolds

Devout hobbyist, Nathen is more deserving of the title Jack of all Trades than most. As an avid "learner of new things" he always welcomes the challenge of a new type of project. These experiences are the infrastructure he uses to create detailed worlds in various tabletop roleplaying games for his friends to adventure in. As a Dungeon Master and Player Character he's been regularly playing some version of Dungeons and Dragons since he was 16. He loves coffee, he loves food, but most of all he loves sharing a table with friends and family.

Greg May

Greg founded The Uncommons, Manhattan’s first board game cafe, in 2013. Running out of space for his rapidly growing collection, he found some friends to help start the business, bringing coffee, beer, wine, tea, and a wide menu to Greenwich Village- along with one of the largest demo libraries in the world. The collection quickly outgrew that space too, and is now on semi-permanent loan to Hex & Company. The Uncommons continues to serve as a home for NYU gamers, and occupies the former home of The Village Chess Shop.

Some of Greg's favorite games include Lords of Waterdeep, Star Realms, Pandemic Legacy, Catan, and Splendor.

Prior to creating The Uncommons, Greg traveled around the world, living in places as far afield as San Francisco, Honolulu, and Beijing, China. A native of Newton, Iowa and graduate of GWU in Washington, DC, he’s worked in fields as diverse as photography, education, web design, computer security, and journalism.

Jon Freeman

Jon founded The Brooklyn Strategist, in Carroll Gardens in 2012, responding to his daughter’s desire for a better after school program. It grew from there into one of the area’s most popular board game cafes, with a special focus on children and families, after-school programs and summer camps. Jon recognized that when they played board games together, kids were actively participatory, learning fundamental strategies and more advanced concepts.

Jon's favorite games include: Strat-O-Matic Baseball and Football, Puerto Rico, Go, Scrabble and Railways of the World.

Prior to starting The Brooklyn Strategist, he developed and ran a state-of-the-art, Neuroscience Research facility. As Director of Neuroscience Research, Dr. Freeman managed over 40 employees and was responsible for overseeing scientific and ethical clinical trial research. As a consultant, Dr. Freeman has advised companies regarding study development and data analyses. And during his years of private psychotherapy practice, Jon worked with a wide range of clientele.

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